Frequently Asked Questions - PAYMENT

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The order will be paid in two installments. First a down payment is required before the manufacturing or the preparation of the products, then a final payment is required before the shipping. We accept payment by T/T (Telegraphic Transfer) and L/C (Letter of Credit).

No. Products exported out of Korea are not subject to the Korean VAT. However upon arrival of the products at the entry port of the delivery country, the imports will be assessed a VAT levy based on the customs clearance price of the goods (price of the product + insurance and delivery costs).

The main costs to consider when importing products are the VAT (see previous question) and customs duties, however additional taxes specific to each region or country may be added. Following the conclusion of the Free Trade Agreements (FTA) between Europe and South Korea and between the United States and South Korea, customs duties were canceled on several products. Please contact your local transit company for more details on the procedure.